Discover Villajoyosa: a journey of flavor, history and natural beauty.

Villajoyosa, qué ver

Today we visit Villajoyosa, La Vila Joiosa, a beautiful town on the shores of the Mediterranean, capital of the Marina Baixa region, in the province of Alicante.

In this article we tell you the essential places to visit, as well as cultural plans, hiking trails, coves and beaches and more ideas in nature. Read on to discover them… Let’s get started!

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1. Historical Center

Villajoyosa, what to see, historical center
Historic center of La Vila Joiosa

The old walled enclosure of Villajoyosa, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest(BIC), is a jewel of historical heritage. The walls were built in the 16th century to protect the population from the continuous attacks of Barbary pirates.

Strolling through the narrow cobblestone streets of the historic center is a journey back in time, an encounter with a vibrant past. The houses with colorful facades make this neighborhood a must on any visit to Villajoyosa.

At the heart of this site rises the imposing Church-Fortress of Ntra. Mrs. de la Asucióna clear example of the militarized religious architecture of the time. Its robustness and defensive design reinforce the population’s history of resistance.

Are you passionate about history and want to know it in depth? Then book this guided tour and you will enjoy your visit to the fullest.

2. San Pedro Promenade

Villajoyosa, what to see
Paseo San Pedro, Villajoyosa

The Paseo de San Pedro (Passeig Sant Pere) is another of Villajoyosa’s emblems, an authentic scenic jewel that delights residents and visitors alike. This promenade runs along Playa Centro, offering spectacular views of the coast and the colorful houses of the old fishermen’s quarter overlooking the beach.

The cobblestone path, dotted with glazed ceramic benches and lined with palm trees, invites you to take a leisurely stroll, or to stop at one of its terraces to savor the gastronomy of La Vila, one of its great attractions.

3. Mercat de La Vila (Central Market)

Villajoyosa Central Market
La Vila Market – Photo:

The Mercat de La Vila is a hive of activity and a true celebration of local flavors. Here, producers from the region come together to offer a wide variety of fresh produce, from locally grown fruits and vegetables to home-grown olive oil and, of course, the famous“Peix de La Vila Joiosa“.

Peix de La Vila Joiosa is a denomination of origin that encompasses the different varieties of fish and shellfish caught by the local fleet. Its freshness and quality are unsurpassed, being a fundamental pillar of the local gastronomy.

And what better way to enjoy these products than by tasting them instantly? In the market canteen you can do just that. Here, you can savor freshly purchased products, prepared on the spot in a variety of delicious dishes. It is a feast for the senses and an authentic tribute to the taste and tradition of Villajoyosa. Visiting the Central Market is not only a shopping experience, but also a gastronomic experience that brings you closer to the essence of the town.

4. Chocolate Factories and Museums

Chocolate Museum Villajoyosa (Chocolates Valor)
Chocolate Museum Villajoyosa (Chocolates Valor)

Villajoyosa is also famous for its rich chocolate tradition. The city is home to several chocolate factories, including Valor and Clavileño. These factories, with more than a century of history, not only produce some of the best chocolate delicacies in Spain, but also offer guided tours. In them, you can learn about the chocolate making process, from the cocoa bean to the bar and, of course, enjoy delicious tastings. It is an obligatory stop for chocolate lovers visiting Villajoyosa.

Chocolates Perez

This family-owned company has been dedicated to the artisan production of chocolate since 1892. It is possible to take a guided tour of the factory as well as a small museum attached to it.

Chocolates Valor

Chocolates Valor, one of the oldest chocolate companies in Spain, founded its own Chocolate Museum in 1998. Ten years later, in 2008, the Generalitat Valenciana recognized it as the “Museo Valenciano del Chocolate”.

Chocolates Clavileño

With more than 130 years of tradition in the production of handmade chocolate, this chocolate company from La Vila Joiosa has a small museum next to the factory that is worth a visit.

5. Moors and Christians Festivities

Moors and Christians Villajoyosa
Photo: (© Antonio Mingot Márquez)

The Moors and Christians Festival of Villajoyosa, declared of International Tourist Interest, is a vibrant tradition celebrated at the end of July. The festival, which recreates the historic battle between the Moors and Christians, reaches its climax with the spectacular Moorish landing on the beach, followed by an exciting confrontation. This celebration is an authentic explosion of color, music and tradition, which reflects the rich history and cultural identity of Villajoyosa. You can’t miss it.

6. Visit the Vila Museu

Vila Museu (photo: ©

Vila Museu is the archaeological and history museum of La Vila Joiosa. Through its different rooms we can learn about interesting aspects of this beautiful town of the Marina Baixa, from the Iberian culture to its Moors and Christians Festivals, through Roman villas or Berber pirates. Undoubtedly a highly recommended visit. In addition, the museum places special emphasis on its accessibility, both in the facilities and in the “museumized” sites throughout the town.


Bol Nou desde las pequeñas cavidades de la Punta Llisera

The coves of Villajoyosa are an authentic paradise for lovers of the sea and tranquility. Along the coast of the municipality, you will find a series of idyllic coves, from Playa del Bol Nou to Cala Racó del Conill, where crystal clear waters meet golden sand and steep rocks.

Here, you can enjoy a day of sun and sea, snorkel or kayak routes in its clean waters, or simply admire the natural beauty of the Mediterranean.


La Malladeta: Iberian sanctuary and viewpoint.


On the outskirts of Villajoyosa, in the area known as El Tossal de la Malladeta, we find a small mountainous formation where 2,400 years ago the Iberians built a temple in honor of the “Mother Goddess”, the Tanit of the Carthaginians.

Centuries later, the famous physician Alfonso Esquerdo chose this site to build Villa Giacomina, a historicist mansion that imitates medieval styles, with Christian, Arab and Hebrew symbols, typical of Freemasonry.

Currently, in the area we find a viewpoint with fantastic views of the coastline of the Costa Blanca, from the Cape of Santa Pola to the Serra Gelada. To get here, it is enough to take a simple walk, suitable for everyone.

La Cala del Xarco and its watchtower

Current appearance of Cala del Xarco (March 2021)

La Vila Joiosa has one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline of the Costa Blanca, punctuated by small coves of pebbles and crystal clear waters. One of them is the Cala del Xarco, which is located at the southern end of the municipality, 4 kilometers south of the town.

It is a cove with two distinct areas, one of which is the canine beach of Villajoyosa. This cove is very special because next to it we can visit an old watchtower of the sixteenth century, which is part of a defensive system designed to defend the population from attacks by Barbary pirates.

Unfortunately, Cala del Xarco is currently threatened by an urbanization project, which would change forever the natural aspect of this beautiful beach.


Excursion to Relleu and its vertiginous footbridge.

Pasarela de Relleu - Mirador de Cristal sobre el barranco
Mirador de la pasarela de Relleu

Built long before that of Amadorio, and only a few kilometers upstream, the Relleu Reservoir dates back to the 17th century and is among the oldest in Europe. Since 2022, its vertiginous walkway allows people of any age to enter a spectacular gorge that rivals in beauty with the well-known Barranc de l’Infern.


8. The Aguiló Tower, a defensive watchtower against corsairs.

Torre Aguiló La Vila Joiosa

This route is short and VERY simple and will allow us to enjoy a panoramic view of great beauty and a cultural heritage of great value: the tower built in the sixteenth century had the function of warning of pirate attacks, frequent at that time.

The route begins in the vicinity of Cala Morales or Cala de Finestrat. If this is not enough for you, you can extend the route with the following proposal from our selection…

9. La Colada de la Costa de la Vila Joiosa

Cala Racó del Conill, La Vila Joiosa

This hiking route in Villajoyosa starts at the beautiful Platja del Torres. An excursion with history, as it takes us back in time, when the transhumant shepherds came down to this area looking for a warmer climate and new pastures during the cold winters of the Alicante mountains.

In Playa del Torres we can also admire a unique funerary monument of Roman times: the Tower of Sant Josep or Tower of Hercules, dating from the second century AD.

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