12 Routes for all audiences in the province of Alicante

Easy routes in Alicante, to enjoy as a family, with children and/or seniors.

Simple Routes in Alicante - Family Hiking
Simple Routes in Alicante - Family Hiking

In this era of hyperconnection in which we live, more and more parents decide to take their children on excursions to nature , to enjoy the many benefits of the mountains, forests, the sea and the outdoors in general. .

Whether doing a hiking route with childrenor simply visiting charming places in natural spaces and parks, many families choose the mountains as their preferred option for fun and relaxation. quality time together, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, shopping malls and technology.

On the other hand, many seniors , hiking enthusiasts who have regularly gone to the mountains when their legs allowed it, at a certain age are forced to look for simpler routes , with gentle slopes and accessible terrain. Simple excursions in Alicante that allow them to continue enjoying nature when the forces are not the same.

For all these reasons, I propose this compilation of Hiking Routes for all audiences : easy and beautiful routes in the province of Alicante, ideal for families with children and seniors.

You will see that some of the routes are accessible or inclusive, that is, suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Other routes can be done with an all-terrain baby stroller . For other types of more difficult routes or if the children are very young, you can use a baby carrier .

I hope you like them and that you enjoy them. Let the Adventure begin!

Index of contents
12 Simple Routes for Children and Seniors in Alicante

1. The Arcs of Castell de Castells

Route of Els Arcs dels Atanços, Castell de Castells

We begin this selection of routes for all audiences with a well-known excursion that will allow us to get to know Els Arcs d’Atanços or Arcs de Castell de Castells, a natural monument in the form of large rock arches, sculpted by erosion over millions of years.

The complete circular route, following the path of the PR-CV 151 trail, is about 8 kilometers long and 200 meters uneven, most of which is done on dirt roads, making this an excursion suitable for the whole family.

2. La Mata Salt Lagoon, Torrevieja

♿️ Accessible route (suitable for wheelchairs)
Laguna de la Mata accessible route (Torrevieja)

The Lagunas de La Mata and Torrevieja Natural Park and, more specifically, the La Mata Lagoonis the scenario where we can enjoy a route with 2 options: a very simple route and suitable for children, and a very simple route suitable for children. accessible route by wooden walkway, suitable for wheelchairs and baby carriages.

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3. The Source of the Vinalopó from Banyeres

Footbridge on the route of the birth of the Vinalopó River

From the Ull de Canals hostel, and within the limits of the Serra de Mariola Natural Park , an easy walk of less than 3 kilometers will take us to the Blanes Factory .

From there, we enter the amazing riverside forest that grows on the banks of the Vinalopó River , which flows transparently in this section, between small waterfalls and pools of water. We will thus arrive at the Font de la Coveta , the official source of the river, completing a beautiful route, suitable for all audiences.

4. Return to the Guadalest Reservoir


We now move to the heart of the Vall de Guadalest , sheltered by some of the most emblematic mountains of our province, such as the Serra d’Aitana, the Xortà or the Serra de Serrella.

From the Guadalest Reservoir dam, we take the road (mostly paved), which will take us to complete this circular route around some of the main water reserves in our province.

If we want a simpler option, we can do the route in the opposite direction, reaching the outskirts of the town of Beniardà , and then retracing our steps.

5. The Elche Swamp


The Elche Swamp Route is a simple excursion with many attractions of historical and natural interest. Boys and girls will love crossing the river on the small wooden bridges, climbing the dam’s ladders, or “walking on water” on the reservoir’s floating walkway. As parents, it is the perfect opportunity to explain the importance that this wetland plays in the biodiversity of the environment, being a refuge for species as unique as the otter or the white-headed duck.

6. The Relleu Reservoir and its vertiginous footbridge


This 9 kilometer long circular route leads us from the quiet town of Relleu to its old reservoir. Built on the bed of the Amadorio River, this dam dates back to the 17th century and is one of the oldest in Europe.

Once at the dam, the “Caminito de Relleu” begins, a vertiginous wooden walkway suspended 60 meters high and with a route of 212 meters that leads us to a viewpoint with a glass floor. From there, you can admire the spectacular gorge that the waters of the Amadorio have carved through the mountain for thousands of years…

7. Path along the coast of Vila Joiosa


Between Vila Joiosa and Benidorm, there is a stretch of virgin coast , without buildings, that we are going to cover on this simple route with magnificent views. From beach to beach, we begin in El Torres , passing through El Racó del Conill and, if the forces are right, reaching Cala de Finestrat , visiting the Torre de l’Aguiló , a 16th-century watchtower on the way. Most of this route is very easy, and without a doubt the views more than compensate for the effort.

8. The Cliffs of Benitatxell

Benitachell Cliffs Route

Poble Nou de Benitatxell and its spectacular coastline of cliffs and small coves is the setting for this excursion. A path with beautiful views leads us safely to the remote Cala Llebeig . The descent to it is the only point where the difficulty is a little higher, but it certainly makes up for the effort. A very simple excursion that is among the most beautiful in Alicante.

Click on the link below to discover all the details of this route:

9. The Benissa Ecological Path

Ecological coastal path of Benissa

We stayed on the coast, but this time in Benissa . This simple walk will take us to discover, through 21 explanatory panels , the beautiful coves of this municipality of the Marina Alta, as well as the importance of its ecosystems, history and cultural heritage.

Starting from the tourist information office in Benissa Playa, this ecological walk runs for about 3 kilometers along the Benissa coastline, and is equipped with benches, viewpoints, picnic areas, public baths and bio-healthy parks. The slopes to overcome during the route are very smooth, although there are quite a few steps.

10. The Mascarat Canyon (Altea)

Mascarat Ravine

This is a simple route, barely 1.5 kilometers round trip, but nonetheless very attractive. We enter the Barranc Salat , better known as the Mascarat Canyon: a narrow barraco with walls a hundred meters high that almost touch at some points. On this route, you will feel that you are traveling to the interior of the earth while you enter this surprising ravine of the Alicante geography.

11. The Font Roja Natural Park (Alcoy)

The Holm oak of the Font Roja

The Carrascar de la Font Roja Natural Park , one of the natural spaces par excellence in the province of Alicante, offers a good assortment of routes, of different levels of difficulty, which we can choose according to the abilities of the participants.

An excellent option is to take the red route from the visitor center to calmly ascend to Pla dels Galers , in just over 1 kilometre. If we feel strong enough, we can complete the circular route, returning through the Barranc de l’Infern (not to be confused with the Vall de Laguar, although they have the same name).

Another option, also relatively simple, is to climb to the top of Menejador , following the yellow route. Which one do you prefer?

12. The Tibi Swamp

The Tibi Reservoir (Alicante)

To visit the Tibi Reservoir , one of the oldest in Europe, we have two options, both very simple, which I will tell you about in this route updated in 2020.

If we access from the nearby Maigmó Restaurant, it is a simple round trip of about 3 kilometers in length that is carried out on a paved road and that, despite having some unevenness, is suitable for carrying baby strollers.

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