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Paseo Marítimo de Altea
Updated:January 2024

Altea is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful towns in Alicante. A village that has been enchanting artists and travelers for decades. A place where the blue of the Mediterranean merges with the sky and where the iconic dome of its church stands out above the network of cobblestone streets and white houses.

I’m from Alicante and in this article I tell you the must-see places in the old town of Altea, as well as other places and the best plans to enjoy in the surroundings of Altea. Let’s get going!

Plans in Altea

What to see in Altea Old Town

Qué ver en Altea - Plaza de la Iglesia

I propose a tour of the most beautiful corners of the town of Altea, from the seashore to the best viewpoints. Choose your favorites or try to visit them all!

1. Promenade

What to see in Altea - Seafront Promenade
Sculpture “The Embrace” in the Paseo Marítimo of Altea

The renovated promenade of Altea has landscaped areas, sculptures, playgrounds for children and of course many restaurants and terraces. It is at the height of the beauty of the municipality and you can not miss it.

2. Plaça del Convent

Plaça del Convent, Altea
Plaça del Convent, Altea

The charming Plaza del Convento is the place where we turn away from Playa de la Roda to head towards the “Fornet”, the historic center of Altea. This is an ideal place to relax and rest among its olive trees and cypresses before starting the climb up…

3. Costera Mestre de la Música

Costera Mestre de la Música, Altea
Costera Mestre de la Música, Altea

The climb to the Dome of the Mediterranean begins! From the square, follow Calle Pont del Montcau and you will soon reach one of the most beautiful streets in Altea: the Costera del Mestre de la Música, a stepped alley where you are sure to see many tourists immortalizing the beautiful scenery.

4. Bellaguarda Mill

Bellaguarda Mill, Altea
Bellaguarda Mill, Altea

On the way up, make a stop at the old Bellaguarda Mill and the cisterns that supplied water to the population. A footbridge next to the mill provides access to the Water Park.

5. New Portal

Portal Nou, Altea
Portal Nou, Altea

When you finish climbing the stairs, continue along Carrer Sol and Carrer Bonavista to Portal Nou. You are in one of the old access roads to the walled area: The Renaissance Bastion and Enclosure of Altea (declared BIC in 2013).

The Portal Nou is located in a beautiful square dedicated to the writer Carmelina Sánchez-Cutillas, author of the famous work “Matèria de Bretanya”. A precious detail in this square are the powerful trellises of the white houses, which remind us of the risk posed by pirate attacks during the Middle Ages.

6. Francesc Martínez i Martínez Square

Francesc Martínez i Martínez Square, Altea
Francesc Martínez i Martínez Square, Altea

Popularly known as“El Mirador Blanco“, this beautiful little square with a view is dedicated to the memory of the Alteano historian, who dedicated many years of his life to studying the work of Miguel de Cervantes, writing a Catalan translation of Don Quixote.

7. Santa Barbara Street

What to see in Altea - Casa Cervantes
Santa Bàrbara Street and Casa Cervantes, Altea

From the viewpoint, take the beautiful Calle Santa Bàrbara. In this ascending alley you can admire the Cervantes House, from the 20th century, where the Alteano historian lived.

At the end of the street you will reach the Plaza de la Iglesia in the most beautiful way possible, as you will come face to face with the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, which gives Altea the nickname of “The Dome of the Mediterranean”.

8. Church Square

Church Square, Altea
Church Square, Altea

You have arrived at the nerve center of Altea. You will see that there are plenty of restaurants with terraces around the square. It is an ideal place to have a vermouth and recharge your batteries before continuing with the visit. If you plan to eat in Altea, do not miss our gastronomic recommendations at the end of this article. We continue!

9. Mirador de los Cronistas de España

What to see in Altea - the best places to visit
Altea: Viewpoint of the Chroniclers of Spain

A must-see in Altea is the famous Mirador de los Cronistas de España, a balcony overlooking the beautiful clear blue Mediterranean Sea with the port of Altea and the Serra Gelada Natural Park as a backdrop. I warn you that it is usually a very popular place to immortalize memories of the visit.

10. San Miguel Street

What to see in Altea - Old Town
San Miguel street, Altea

From the Plaza de la Iglesia I recommend a stroll along Calle San Miguel, lined with clothing and accessory stores, as well as artists’ studios. Then return to the square to continue.

Alternative to the visit: Although in my opinion it has less charm, if you want to visit the old town of Altea without climbing stairs you can park next to the Palau Altea and access the Plaza de la Iglesia following this street. On the map below you will see the parking icon.

11. Carrer Major and Portal Vell

Portal Vell and Carrer Major, Altea
Portal Vell and Carrer Major, Altea

To return we will go down one of the most popular and crowded streets of Altea: The Carrer Major. This street lined with restaurants and ice cream parlors will take you to the Portal Vell (Old Portal), the second of the access roads to the old walled enclosure of Altea.

12. Glorieta del Maño

Glorieta del Maño viewpoint, Altea
Glorieta del Maño viewpoint, Altea

We finish this tour of the must-see in Altea in one of its most beautiful viewpoints (my favorite). The Glorieta del Maño or Baluarte de la Casa de la Señoría is another of the viewpoints of Altea that you can not miss. In this case, it has views to the north, towards the Morro de Toix and the Peñón de Ifach.

Map Points of Interest in Altea

Itinerary Walk through Altea

With views of the sea on one side and the imposing Sierra de Bérnia on the other, strolling through Altea is an experience worth enjoying calmly. Despite the usual hustle and bustle of tourists, it exudes that bohemian atmosphere that has captivated so many artists over the years.

Do not be afraid of getting lost and wandering aimlessly: you will surely find charming corners that do not appear in any guide. And if you don’t mind walking, you can walk down to Platja de la Roda , the most urban in the municipality, and from there walk to the port of Altea , where you can still see the traditional fishing boats that auction their catches every day in the fish market If you prefer to play it safe, you can follow this track.

Routes in Altea and surroundings

Altea desde el Forat de Bèrnia
Altea desde el Forat de Bèrnia

In Altea and surroundings you can enjoy some of the best hiking tra ils in the Valencian Community. I will tell you all the details in an article dedicated exclusively to these excursions:

Beaches in Altea and surroundings

It is important to mention that the beaches of Altea are not sandy, but pebble beaches. Most people need a pair of booties to swim comfortably on this type of beach. The positive aspect is that the level of occupation is usually low, being quiet beaches.

I tell you which are the main beaches of Altea and surroundings:

Roda Beach / L’Espigó

Platja de l'Espigó, Altea
Platja de l’Espigó, Altea

Playa de la Roda is the beach par excellence of Altea, next to its promenade and, therefore, urban beach. Its continuation is the Platja del ‘Espigó. It is adapted for people with reduced mobility. Along the promenade you will find plenty of restaurants of different styles, as well as cafes and bars.

Albir beach

Beach of l'Albir, l'Alfàs del Pi
Beach of l’Albir, l’Alfàs del Pi

One of the best beaches very close to Altea is Platja de l’Albir, belonging to the neighboring town of l’Alfàs del Pi. Here you will find a “walk of fame” in the purest Hollywood style, which commemorates the different editions of its film festival. From this beach you can start the beautiful route of the Faro de l’Albir.

Soio Cove and Cap Negret

Did you know that there is an outcrop of volcanic rocks in Altea? Since 2020 it has been declared a Natural Monument for its geological, scientific and cultural interest. You have more info here. The surrounding area is also very picturesque and interesting, and if you keep walking you will reach the next point of interest:

Platja de l’Olla

L'Olla Beach, Altea
Platja de l’Olla and its islet

One of the most beloved of Altea. From the area of Villa Gadea to the Portet de l’Olla, this beach allows us a relaxed walk along the sea, being part of it conditioned with benches and protected by the shade of large pine trees. From this beach a popular fireworks display is launched every August: the Castell de l’Olla.

Dog-Friendly Beach

If you go on vacation with your pet, there is a Dog Beach in Altea: it is a stretch of the Platja de l’Olla, we tell you about it in our article with the best beaches for dogs in Alicante.

Altea Coves

Racó del Corb Cove
Racó del Corb and Morro de Toix cove

Although somewhat far from the city center, the truth is that Altea boasts some of the most beautiful coves in the province of Alicante. Among my favorites are the following:

Racó del Corb cove. Cove of difficult access, located in the shelter of the impressive cliffs of Morro de Toix. Read more:
Racó del Corb Cove

Barra Grande Cove. Protected by the Punta del Mascarat (a rocky outcrop), this cove of boulders and difficult access is one of the most beautiful in the area. Discover it here: Barra Grande Cove.

Near Altea: what to see

Qué ver en Altea - Iglesia Ortodoxa Rusa
Qué ver en Altea - Iglesia Ortodoxa Rusa

Mouth of the Algar river

The well-known tourist attraction of Les Fonts d’Algar, in the nearby town of Callosa d’En Sarrià, forms a protected wetland at its mouth in the bay of Altea, included in the catalog of wetlands of the Valencian Community. This is a fantastic place to practice birdwatching, or just take a walk. Interested? Discover here more wetlands of Alicante.

Altea La Vella

Altea la Vieja, as its name indicates, is the origin of the current Altea. This small and charming hamlet is surrounded by nature and it is worth walking along this route, which is part of “Camins d’Altea” and of which we tell you more here.

Orthodox Church of Altea

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of this place. It is a beautiful temple built in wood and with gilded finishes. It is worth visiting the exterior and interior. This is the official website.

Cycling in Altea

If you are a lover of road cycling routes, you will be pleased to know that Altea has a catalog of 10 routes that start in the town. I tell you more details here: cycle touring in Altea.

Day trips from Altea

Les Fonts d’Algar

Algar Springs, Callosa d'En Sarria
Algar Springs, Callosa d’En Sarria

One of those places that makes you wonder if you are really still in Alicante. My advice: if you are not cold, avoid July and August, as they are the busiest months. Get your ticket in advance. Here I tell you more: Les Fonts d’Algar.


Guadalest, one of the most beautiful towns of Alicante
Guadalest and its turquoise water reservoir

The fairytale village in the mountains of Alicante. You can visit it together with Les Fonts d’Algar on the same day. Here I tell you everything you need to know: Guadalest Guide.

Eat & drink in Altea

© El Cranc, beach bar in Altea

The gastronomic offer of Altea is at the height of a destination as charming as this. Variety and quality are two adjectives that could define the delicacies that you will be able to taste here. Restaurants for all tastes and budgets, not to mention beautiful cafes, artisan ice cream and handmade pastries.

To talk about restaurants in Altea, we leave you with the article by Marina Vega, a journalist specialized in gastronomy who knows them better than anyone.

If your weakness is sweets, you can’t miss Pastisseria Dolç to try their famous abelicos, croissants or new your rolls; be careful, they are addictive! Also well known (and appreciated) are the artisan ice creams of Qvo, right in the historic center.

Another highly recommended experience is to visit the craft brewery Althaia, between Altea and El Albir. Book one of their guided tastings and get ready to enjoy…

Charming Hotels in Altea

Hotel Altea Boutique Serena

Altea has a wide range of hotels, for all audiences and pockets, both apartments on the beachfront and luxurious villas further inland. We especially liked the following charming hotels in Altea:

Altea is a destination that can be enjoyed at any time of the year, thanks to the excellent climate of the Costa Blanca. Another place to book your accommodation is HundredRooms, a holiday apartment comparison site.

Frequent questions

How to get to Altea?

The most sustainable way is to use the TRAM (streetcar) of FGV, which has 4 stops along the municipality: Altea, Garganes, Cap Negret and Platja de l’Olla.

If you prefer to arrive by private vehicle, you will take the AP-7 (currently there is no toll) and the N-332. My advice is to use the parking lots a little away from the center, as detailed in this map with the points of interest of Altea.

What to see in a day in Altea?

If you only have one day, you will not have time to see everything. You will have to focus on the old town and some of the beaches or coves. At sunset you can go to the Faro del Albir. In this article I tell you much more.

Where to park in Altea?

A good option to visit the old town of Altea is to leave the car in this parking lot, near the Palau Altea, cultural and congress center with a good offer of theatrical performances and concerts. Not in vain, the population received the title of Cultural Capital of the Valencian Community in 2019.

Personal Opinion

A must, 5 out of 5
Fernando Prieto en Altea
Fernando, autor de este artículo sobre Altea

The beautiful Altea overlooks the Mediterranean from the privileged balcony of its old town of cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. Despite being one of the tourist references of the Costa Blanca, Altea has managed to maintain its character, its memory and its Mediterranean essence. Proof of this are the streets and viewpoints dedicated, for example, to the Altea historian Francesc Martínez i Martínez or to his granddaughter Carmelina Sánchez-Cutillas.

As for the geographical setting, the town is located in a small paradise, in the valley of the river Algar, at the foot of the majestic Serra de Bèrnia. The waters of its bay are part of the maritime-terrestrial area of the Serra Gelada Natural Park, which extends to Benidorm and its island.

Beyond its charms, Altea transmits a unique feeling, a feeling of good vibes and positivity that does not leave indifferent those who visit it. Undoubtedly, one of the must-see places in the province of Alicante.

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