10 Essential Hiking Routes in Valencia

Pantaneros Route Chulilla Valencia

The interior of the province of Valencia offers us magnificent natural spaces that we can get to know through suggestive hiking trails of all levels of difficulty. Natural parks await us, an outstanding cultural heritage and spectacular mountain formations crossed by large rivers such as the Xúquer, the Turia or the Cabriel. There are also numerous natural pools or waterfalls that we can enjoy in the province of Valencia.

Will you accompany me to discover this selection of hiking trails in Valencia? I am convinced that you will enjoy the excursions. I only ask that you please be respectful of the environment and the places you visit. It is our responsibility. And now… On the Go!


Practica Senderismo con Seguridad


Salir a la montaña, aunque sea a realizar rutas sencillas, implica una serie de riesgos que debemos conocer para tratar de minimizarlos al máximo.


Equípate adecuadamente: calzado de montaña, ropa de abrigo, botiquín, agua y comida suficiente, etc.

Infórmate de la ruta a realizar: dificultad, desnivel, tipo de terreno, tiempo necesario, etc. Cuenta siempre con mapa en papel, track en tu smartphone o alguna forma para orientarte durante la ruta.

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1. Route of the Hanging Bridges of Chulilla


Starting from the beautiful town of Chulilla , this surprising, simple and fun excursion leads us through the impressive Turia River Canyon , in the “Los Calderones” Municipal Natural Park, a deep gorge with walls of more than 80 meters.

The route takes us to the Loriguilla Reservoir , which, in addition to offering magnificent views, was the origin of this path, since it was the one used by the workers who built the dam in the 1950s. Hence, this excursion is also known as the route of the pantaneros .

The complete circular route has a route of about 16 km, although we can only do the section to the reservoir and return by the same path, resulting in a route of about 10 km (round trip). The area has been very popular in recent years and, currently, there is a maximum capacity of 500 people on weekends, and it is necessary to pay an ecotax of €1 at the beginning of the route. I recommend you inform yourself at the Chulilla Town Hall before your visit.

2. The Roman Aqueduct of Peña Cortada (Streets)

Bridge of the Barranco de la Cueva del Gato - Peña Cortada Aqueduct

Located in the region of Los Serranos, in the interior of Valencia, we find a cultural heritage of incalculable value: the Roman Aqueduct of Peña Cortada , which runs between the municipalities of Tuéjar, Chelva, Calles and Domeño, with a length of 28.6 kilometres. The best-known and most spectacular part of the Roman aqueduct can be found in Calles: two monumental bridges that cross the Rambla de Alcotas and the Barranco de la Cueva del Gato. The latter is the best preserved of the pharaonic work, with a length of 36 meters, divided into 3 arches, and a maximum height of 18 meters.

Click on the button below to consult all the details of the route:

3. Anna's Three Waterfalls Route

Salto Waterfall (Gorgo de la Escalera) - Anna

Starting the route in the town of Anna (La Canal de Navarrés), in the heart of the city, it seems incredible that in just 10 minutes we find ourselves submerged in a fascinating “lost world” with tropical vegetation and spectacular waterfalls. This is how this route is that I strongly recommend doing during the week , in order to enjoy it as it deserves.

The path leads us, with water , green and freshness as protagonists, to the spectacular Cascada del Salto , which falls 25 meters from the Gorgo de la Escalera . A vertiginous waterfall frequented by practitioners of canyoning in the Valencian Community .

The route, although short and not excessively complicated, does force us to overcome some steps with steep slopes and small climbs . It is well worth it.

4. La Cortada Path - "Cavanilles Path"


We enter the interior of the province of Valencia to visit the town of Cortes de Pallás , on the banks of the Júcar River , which in this area runs through some impressive canyons flooded by the water of the Cortes reservoir.

The local trail SL-CV 13, known as Senda de la Cortá or “Sendero Cavanilles” allows us to enjoy spectacular views through a circular route of medium difficulty that ascends to the Muela de Cortes . This complete and varied excursion also takes us to visit the natural area of El Corbinet, with a waterfall and a pool.

5. The Chelva Water Route

We visit the beautiful town of Chelva , in the region of Los Serranos. There it is worth entertaining yourself visiting its magnificent old town. And it is not in vain that Chelva has obtained the 7th position as capital of rural tourism in 2021.

The Water Route begins in the town itself and, following the course of the Tuéjar or Chelva river, will take us to discover river landscapes of great beauty, old mills, tunnels and bathing areas. A very complete and very attractive route, ideal to enjoy with the family.

Our advice: take a look at the best accommodation in Chelva and enjoy a weekend getaway.

6. Ascent to Mondúver from Xeresa


In the region of La Safor, near Gandía, Mondúver is one of the most emblematic mountains in the province of Valencia. A recognition that he gets despite his “modest” height (843 meters). But, don’t be fooled, there are many secrets that this steep mountain formation keeps, whose only negative point is found in the antennas that crown its summit.

7. The Garbí Canal (Serra Calderona)

Going up the Canal del Garbí

In the heart of the Serra Calderona Natural Park, we find this interesting circular route that will test your ability climbing the steps of the Canal del Garbí . There are many options, but I propose the circular variant, taking the two possible variants of the GR-10 long-distance trail , taking the opportunity to also visit the Garbí viewpoint (which is currently not accessible by car).

An excursion that, although it is not excessively technical, I only recommend for people with experience in this type of routes with climbs and exposed steps. Given the popularity of the area, it is advisable to try this route during the week.

8. Benicadell from Beniatjar

Walking through the Umbria of Benicadell

We enter the Umbría del Benicadell , a landscape protected by the Generalitat Valenciana, to climb one of the most special peaks of the Valencian Community. Natural border between the counties of El Comtat (Alicante) and Vall d’Albaida (Valencia), Benicadell is a mountain range of great beauty and remarkable environmental and cultural values. Climbing to its summit, 1,104 meters high , culminated by a spectacular rocky ridge, is a mountain challenge that requires good physical condition and a certain amount of courage. The reward, yes, is well worth it.

9. The Serpis Greenway

Serpis Greenway Route
The area of Racó del Duc, on the Serpis Greenway

Like all the greenways, this route takes place on an old railway line; in this case, the Alcoy – Gandía railway, which made possible the industrial revolution of “little Barcelona” (Alcoy), by granting it a communication route with the coast, overcoming an abrupt orography.

For our hiking route (or by bike), we are going to focus on the section between Villalonga (Valencia) and l’Orxa ( Alicante ), about 13 kilometers long (one way) and a very moderate slope. We are in a space of great environmental value (the Serpis Protected Landscape) and of great historical-cultural value. Being a round trip route, we can walk until we feel like it and then return the same way. An ideal excursion to enjoy with the family.

10. The Albufera Natural Park


The L’Albufera Natural Park , declared as such in 1986, is a wetland of great ecological value, being the habitat of countless species of flora and fauna, some of them in danger of extinction, such as the “fartet” or the “samaru”. Countless species of birds have their permanent or temporary habitat in L’Albufera, and it has been declared a ZEPA (Special Protection Area for Birds). In addition to all these values, La Albufera is a magnificent testimony of what the Valencian coast was like years ago, made up of multiple marshes of this type that have gradually disappeared or deteriorated.

In this case, we propose a guided tour of the Albufera de Valencia with an expert guide. A complete excursion that includes a boat ride , the best way to get into this wonderful natural space.

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