Route of the Pas del Badall and Les Fonts de Benigembla, PR-CV 465

PR-CV 465 Sender Badall y Les Fonts, Benigembla

The PR-CV 465 marked trail is a spectacular route that is undoubtedly among the most special routes in Alicante: with a demanding route, beautiful landscapes and the challenging Pas del Badall, this excursion could be considered a must for lovers of hiking in Alicante. Would you like to know the characteristics of this route and discover what makes it so special? Stay until the end of the article!

Location and Context of the Route

Vall de Pop, paisaje de viñedos
Paisaje de viñedos en La Vall de Pop

We set course to the interior of the Marina Alta and more specifically to
La Vall de Pop
. This beautiful valley of agricultural tradition and charming villages such as Llíber, Xaló, Acalalí or Parcent, sits at the foot of such evocative mountain ranges as the Serra del Penyó – Cavall Verd, the Carrascal de Parcent and its Coll de Rates or the Serra del Castell de la Solana.

Benigembla is located at the head of the valley, on the banks of the Gorgos River, framed between the Cavall Verd and the Tossal de la Creu. A small and quiet village of just over 400 inhabitants, located at an altitude of 314 meters above sea level.

The Serra de Ses Cordelleres

Penya de l'Altar, PR-CV 465
Penya de l’Altar, Serra de Ses Cordelleres

The route we are going to do takes place in the so-called Serra de Ses Cordelleres, a whimsical mountain formation on the northern slope of the Serra del Carrascal de Parcent. Its orography, oriented to the north, is characterized by imposing cliffs of whitish limestone rock that extends in a broken and tortuous way for about 3 kilometers.

At its feet we find a “secret valley”, hidden from prying eyes thanks to the protection of the Tossal de la Creu (701 m). Between both mountainous spurs runs the Barranc d’Almadic, a tributary of the Gorgos or Xaló river at Benigembla.

I remember exploring this valley in 2010 (the cover photo is from that occasion), visiting the Font de Baix, the Font de Dalt and the Font de la Penya Blanca. At that time the PR-CV 465 did not yet exist, although some of the trails and paths that, since the homologation of the marked trail, have become busier. Fortunately, little has changed in this small “lost world” in the interior of the Marina Alta. Knock on wood to keep it that way.

Route Description

This excursion passes through sites of great environmental value that are part of the RED NATURA 2000 as ZEC and ZEPA.
Thank you for your respect
and for leaving this place better than you found it.

Ruta Pas del Badall PR-CV 465
Ruta Pas del Badall PR-CV 465

The beginning of the route is about 2 kilometers from Benigembla, from where we arrive taking the Camí de Mirabó. After consulting the information of the route on the panel, we take the path that will take us to know the Font de Baix and Font de Dalt. A little further up, after overcoming a nice zigzag with traces of cobblestone road, we link with the forest track through which we continue the ascent comfortably.

About 3 kilometers from the start we reach the fork that marks the circular part of the trail. At the crossroads we turn left to head towards Badall along the Senda de la Ombria, which leads us to the foot of the great limestone walls of the sierra. After a short climb, this part of the route descends quite a bit until it reaches an area of terraces. The terrain is somewhat eroded and it is advisable to stay on the trail.

Route Pas del Badall PR-CV 465
Els Corrals, sender del Badall and Les Fonts

From the terraces starts the steep ascent to the Badall, passing before“Els Corrals“, some old corrals for cattle that, as usual, took advantage of a small natural cavity.

Overcoming the Pas del Badall requires a certain habit to this type of sets. It is not excessively dangerous, but you must remain calm and focused.

Once over the technical pass, we walk along a path that overlooks the abyss, mostly uphill until we reach the highest point, on the vertical of the Font de la Penya Blanca.

Pas Badall PR-CV 465 Route
Views from the top of the route

Towards this source we begin the descent, which in the first stages is somewhat technical but not excessively complicated. At the height of the fountain (dry at the beginning of 2024) we recover the forest track that will return us to the information panel and end of the route.

Data sheet

El Pas del Badall

Pas del Badall PR-CV 465
Pas del Badall PR-CV 465

The “star point” of this route is the Badall or Pas del Badall. It is a deep and narrow crevice in the rocky strip of Ses Cordelleres that, thanks to being equipped with metal clamps and chains, allows ascending to the top of the cliffs.

The passage includes several areas of climbing with chains, steps with metal staples via ferrata style, an area where you have to crawl through due to the low height and a very narrow passage -reminiscent of the Passet de la Rabosa de Aitana- to leave the Badall.

This difficulty means that the route is only recommended for people with experience in this type of technical steps, since, although it is not excessively complex, it does have areas (especially at the beginning) that will test the nerves and dexterity of the participants. If you are not sure you can overcome this difficulty, it is preferable not to try, since in case of an accident the complications could be very serious.

What to see and do in Benigembla

Benigembla que ver, murales

Benigembla is a small and quiet village, but with interesting things to see both in the village itself and in the surrounding area. It is ideal for a weekend getaway to enjoy hiking, gastronomy and cultural visits.

Strolling through its streets you can discover the collection of beautiful murals that are part of the initiative “Benigembla, un poble d’art”. For lunch, we recommend the restaurant Beni-Ruta 66, where we were able to taste a salad with figs (in September) and some tasty
a typical dish of the area. They also make rice dishes to order and hamburgers for dinner.

Bar Restaurant Benigembla
Bar Restaurant Beni-Ruta 66

As for sleeping in Benigembla, we had the opportunity to spend a night at Casa Les Olives, a very cozy bed and breakfast located in front of the village church and where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast in its charming courtyard. We found it to be very good value for money. Undoubtedly recommended.

Lodging Benigembla Casa Les Olives
The courtyard of Casa Les Olives

As for the cultural visitsalthough there are several options, one of the most outstanding is undoubtedly that of the cave sanctuary from Pla de Petracosvery close to the village, following the road that leads to Castell de Castells, where you can admire some cave paintings recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Personal Appraisal of the Route:

Badall and Les Fonts Trail PR-CV 465
Fernando Prieto at Badall

This recently approved (2020) marked trail is one of the most spectacular routes in the province of Alicante. Its astonishing natural setting, the demanding route and the Badall’s golden brooch make it a must-do excursion.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Track PR-CV 465

On this occasion I refer you to the official track of the PR-CV 465 trail, published by the Ajuntament de Benigembla. There are variants of the route that allow to shorten the route and the accumulated difference in altitude. You can ask me if you are interested in these options.

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