Main Mountains of Alicante Costa Blanca and My 10 Favorites

The Best Hiking Routes in the Province of Alicante

In this article I will take you to discover the main Mountains of Alicante : the highest, the most emblematic, the best for hiking trails and my personal selection of favorite mountains on the Costa Blanca. And it is that, far from the traditional and superficial vision as a “sun and beach” destination, the province of Alicante is considered one of the most mountainous in Spain. Will you accompany me to meet her? Keep reading!

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It is common to find references in which the province of Alicante (Costa Blanca) is spoken of as one of the most mountainous in Spain. Although this is somewhat difficult to quantify, what is certain, because the data shows it, is that we have more than 50 summits that are over 1,000 meters high , which gives us an idea of the spectacular orography of Alicante.

In addition, many of the mountains of the Costa Blanca, due to their proximity to the sea , rise from very low levels, which gives them a special character, making them very marked landmarks in the landscape, authentic references in the region where they are located. , hallmarks of its people. This is the case of Puig Campana, Bèrnia or Montgó , to name just a few of the most relevant.

So yes, without a doubt we can affirm that Alicante is a province of mountains… and what mountains!

If we summarize those 50 summits of more than a thousand meters in a selection of only 10 mountains of Alicante , logically there are many that are left out of the list. That does not mean that they are not worthy of being in the ranking, and it is that without a doubt each mountain has something that makes it special and unique .

Also, each visit is different. We never find the mountain the same: due to the season of the year, due to the weather conditions of the day, due to our state of fitness or mood, due to the companions (or not) during the route, etc.

And after this brief introduction, we are going to discover the main Mountains of Alicante

Main Summits of Alicante

N.SummitHeightMountain range
1Aitana1,557 m. Sierra of Aitana
2Puig Bell1,408 meters Puig Bell
3Montcabrer1,390m Serra de Mariola
4House Plan1,385m. Serrella mountain range
5handler1,356 m. Serra del Menejador
6The Plans1,330 meters Serra dels Plans
7Maigmo1,296m. Serra del Maigmo
8the stripper1,261 m. Serra del Flare
9The Cremat1,242m.Serra del Quartell
10The chapel1,238m.Sierra de Salinas

My 10 Favorite Mountains in Alicante

And now yes, let’s go with the ranking of my ten favorite mountains in the province of Alicante.

10. The Bec of L’Àguila

Mountain Bec de l'Águila, Mutxamel, Alicante

The tenth place was awarded, honorably, to the Bec de l’Aguila . A small mountain barely 475 meters high, but with great sentimental value for me. It could be said that it was there that my hiking adventures began, accompanied by my friends. It is located near the Montnegre River, north of San Vicente and Mutxamel. There are many adventures lived in its surroundings, and without a doubt it deserves this meritorious position in my personal ranking.

➡️ Route through the area: El Barranc dels Cocons

9. The Serra Gelada (Frosted Mountains)

Located between Benidorm and Albir, the Serra Gelada is an impressive and abrupt geographical feature on the seashore, with cliffs over 300 meters high. This proximity to the Mediterranean gives it a special singularity in the whole of the mountains of Alicante. We have enjoyed its journey a couple of times, going up to the Alt del Governtador , its maximum elevation, 435 meters high, and covering the entire crest to the Cruz de Benidorm. But this natural space also offers routes for all audiences.

➡️ Crossing the Serra Gelada (high difficulty)

➡️ Lighthouse Route of l’Albir (all audiences)

➡️ Route of the Torre de les Caletes (all audiences)

8. The Serra d’Aitana

Aitana mountain range, summit hike from Partegat

In this ranking of my favorite mountain ranges in the province, the “roof” of Alicante, with its 1,557 meters high, could not be missing. The Sierra de Aitana, with rounded shapes seen from the coast, has a surprising and fascinating north face. Sheltered by impressive vertical walls, a varied and unique vegetation flourishes in abundance, watered by the numerous fountains that sprout with the meltwater…

➡️ See Routes in the Serra d’Aitana

7. El Menejador (Font Roja Natural Park)

The Holm oak of the Font Roja

The Serra del Menejador is the relief that shelters the Font Roja Natural Park , between the towns of Ibi and Alcoi. It is one of the most beloved and visited natural spaces in the province. Not surprisingly, it houses the best preserved mixed Mediterranean forest in our geography. A fascinating place where it is worth getting lost…

➡️ See Routes in the Font Roja

6. The Cabeço d’Or

Hiking trail Cabeçó d'Or, PR-CV 2

After Maigmó, it was our first peak over a thousand meters, and what could probably be considered our first “serious” hiking experience, doing our first PR trail. We were deeply surprised by the contrasts that the mountains offer, and we greatly enjoyed the experience. It is surely the mountain that I have visited the most times: some alone, others with a lot of company… and it undoubtedly occupies a very special place in my personal ranking.

➡️ Climbing route to Cabeçó d’Or

5. Benicadell

Benicadell and Beniarrés - Hiking Alicante

Natural border between the provinces of Alicante and Valencia, the Serra del Benicadell has one of the most beautiful profiles of our orography, in which its imposing double ridge stands out, which climbs to the top of its summit, at 1,104 meters above sea level. height.

➡️ Route up to Benicadell from Gaianes

4. The Montcabrer (Serra de Mariola)

Cava Gran and Montcabrer

It is also one of the best known and most visited peaks in Alicante, in the heart of the Serra de Mariola Natural Park . Montcabrer is the third highest peak in our province, thanks to its 1,390 meters high.

➡️ Ascent to Montcabrer from Agres

➡️ Montcabrer from Cocentaina

3. The Serra de Bernia

Serra de Bernia Forat

When I talk about the Serra de Bèrnia , I always remember how amazed I was when I passed by it by car, in the company of my parents, when I was still very young. In a distant 2002 we made our first foray into the “Sierra de los Bandoleros”. We started from the Fuentes del Algar. We first reach the Fort de Bèrnia , and after overcoming a delicate pass on the crest of the mountain range, we reach the 1,126-meter-high summit, where we enjoy our sandwiches like never before. We have returned several times. Bernia is a saw that you never get tired of.

➡️ Hiking trails in the Serra de Bèrnia

2. The Puig Bell

Puig Bell at sunset
Puig Bell at sunset

Surely, the “top of peaks” in the province of Alicante, despite being the second highest (surpassed only by Aitana’s 1,558). The more than a thousand meter drop in the climb makes it one of the most demanding in the region.

➡️ Ascent to Puig Campana from Finestrat

1. The Serrella

Pla de la Casa with snow, Serrella mountain range

La Serrella is a mountain without equal in the province of Alicante. A long and Pyrenean mountain range, crowned by several peaks that exceed 1,300 meters in height. The most outstanding are the Recingle Alt, the Plà de la Casa, and the Mallà del Llop. La Serrella is a mountain range that transports us to the past, to other latitudes, to other times… it is another world.

➡️​ Summary of routes in the Serrella

This article was originally published in June 2008, and has been frequently updated as it is one of the most visited on the web.

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