Serra Gelada crossing, vertigo route from l’Albir to Benidorm

Hiking in the Serra Gelada (Natural Park)

The Serra Gelada Natural Park is the setting for one of the most unique excursions in the province of Alicante. On today’s route, we are going to cross this coastal mountain range along its crest, on the edge of the impressive cliffs , whose fossil dunes are among the highest in Europe.

A hiking route that will surprise you both for the beauty of its views and for the demands of its route . The combination of sea and mountains in a single excursion, acquires its maximum meaning in this tour. Despite being very close to the tourist phenomenon of Benidorm, we can enjoy moments of intimacy overlooking the vertiginous cliffs that plunge over the Mediterranean.

Will you join us to discover this challenging excursion? Let the adventure begin!

Route Summary

Serra Gelada Natural Park
The Serra Gelada, between l'Albir and Benidorm, stands out above the Bèrnia crest.

The hiking route ” Travesía de la Serra Gelada ” (Sierra Helada) coincides with the yellow route of the natural park.

It is a linear route of about 8.5 kilometers and about 4:30 long, which connects the Information Point of l’Albir with the Cross of Benidorm.

It can be done in both directions, or the round trip. Keep in mind that it is a demanding route due to the continuous ups and downs.

In my case, I started the route in Albir, and it took me 5 hours (calmly and taking lots of photos). Once at the Benidorm Cross , I went down to Rincón de Loix along the paved road that leads to Calle Berlín, at the end of Avenida del Mediterráneo. From there we can take the bus (Line 010), which takes us back to l’Albir.

Data sheet

Route publication date: March 2009. Article updated in 2019.

Other simpler routes in the Serra Gelada

If you are looking for a less demanding hiking route in the Serra Gelada, take a look at the Faro del Albir route, or the Torre de les Caletes route .

Description and Photographs

We start the route at the Albir Information Point, very close to the beach with the same name. Right there there is an excellent car park, recently renovated.

Albir Information Point
Albir Information Point

The first section includes the ascent to the antennas, the highest point of the mountain range, the Alt del Governador (it is a Valencian place name, hence it is written with a vee), at 435 meters high. As we gain altitude, the views increase in spectacularity…

Serra Gelada hiking trail

Shortly before reaching the antennas of l’ Alt del Governador , we come out onto a paved track that serves them. From here we already have a wide view to the south, highlighting the city of Benidorm with its sea of skyscrapers. As can be seen in the image, I had a foggy day with poor visibility.

Serra Gelada hiking trail

From the paved road, we immediately reach the antennas and the geodesic vertex of the mountain range. If we move a little away from the repeaters, we can enjoy the views…

Crossing the Serra Gelada
Views towards the Lighthouse of l’Albir, with the Penyal d’Ifac in the background, between mists

Serra Gelada crossing walk

From the antennas, we return to the paved track, which we follow in the direction of the Benidorm Cross . It doesn’t take long for us to leave the asphalt again and take the path that will take us along the entire crest of the mountain range, near the cliffs. It is a fairly demanding route due to the continuous ups and downs. Be careful not to do it in hot weather , because there are not many shadows.

Crossing the Serra Gelada
Alt del Governador and Penyal d’Ifac, on a cloudy day.

If the views from the antennas are impressive, a little further on they are even more so, if possible. Soon we see the silhouette of the Illa Mitjana (Islote Mediano). About 300 meters below, the waters appear crystal clear. It is the cliffs seen from the sea that give the name to the mountain range. Apparently, on moonlit nights, they give the mountains a magical frozen appearance.

Hiking in Serra Gelada Natural Park

Sierra Helada hiking trail

Hiking in Serra Gelada Natural Park

In the following image, we can see part of the final section of the cliffs, with the Islet of Benidorm in the background, revealing its geological continuity. You can also see the Torre de les Caletes , at the southern end of the Serra Gelada.

After several continuous ascents and descents, some quite demanding, we finally reach the Benidorm Cross , which marks the end of our journey along the ridge…

Hiking Serra Gelada, Benidorm Cross

Once in Benidorm, we take the bus ( line 010 ) that takes us back to Playa de l’Albir . An ideal place to relax listening to the whisper of the Mediterranean, with views of the always impressive Serra de Bèrnia

Albir beach

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Buenas Prácticas

• Sigue siempre los senderos. Atajar daña el entorno.
• Respeta flora, fauna y entorno. Disfruta en Silencio.
• No dejes rastro de tu paso, tampoco restos orgánicos.
• Infórmate, Planifica y Equípate bien para disfrutar al máximo.
• Respeta el Patrimonio Cultural (ruinas, márgenes de piedra, etc).
• Respeta a otras personas y propiedades privadas.

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