Cala Blanca in Jávea / La Caleta, among the most beautiful in Xàbia

Cala Blanca de Jávea

Cala Blanca de Jávea, also known as La Caleta, is a beautiful rocky cove located at the end of Segon Muntanyar, 1.6 kilometers south of Arenal Beach.

Cala Blanca and La Caleta are actually 2 coves very close to each other, separated by only 150 meters. You can walk between the two through a curious arch or tunnel in the rock.

In this article I tell you everything you need to know about these beautiful coves of Jávea / Xàbia.

In case you are interested, here is a list of the 7 best coves in Javea.

What is Cala Blanca de Jávea like?

Cala Blanca de Jávea, La Caleta
Cala Blanca, Jávea

As we have already mentioned, it is actually 2 coves very close to each other.

The first one you will find is Cala Blanca, also known as Caleta de Fora or Caleta I, which you can see in the image above. It is very easy to reach, as it is located at the end of a cobblestone promenade.

From Cala Blanca, walking by the sea through a rocky area and going through the tunnel excavated in the rock, you will reach La Caleta, Caleta de Dins or Caleta II.

Cala Blanca de Jávea, túnel en la roca
Túnel en la roca en Cala Blanca de Jávea

Caleta de Dins (or Caleta II) is a cove that is protected by an arm of rock as a natural breakwater, as you can see in the following image (taken from the viewpoint “Caletes”):

White Cove of Jávea
Cala Blanca, Caleta de Dins

Map of Cala Blanca

In the following map extracted from the National Geographic Institute you can see the location of Cala Blanca (Caleta de Fora) and Caleta de Dins, close to Cap Prim and Cala Sardinera.

Mapa de Cala Blanca
Mapa de Cala Blanca, Jávea

Recommendations to go to Cala Blanca

To avoid hurting yourself, I recommend wearing appropriate footwear for walking in rocky areas.

✓ For swimming you will have to wear booties or crab shoes to protect your feet from the rocks.

✓ It is not a very comfortable beach to lie on for sunbathing (because of the rocks) and there is not much space either. My advice is to go with a backpack and sneakers and your hands free in case you stumble.

✓ I recommend Cala Blanca to go snorkeling (snorkeling with mask), always respecting the seabed and its fauna and flora. Do you like snorkeling? Here you have more places.

Viewpoints of Cala Blanca

Cala Blanca de Jávea
Mirador "Caletes" de Jávea

In the surroundings of Cala Blanca you can visit 2 viewpoints that are part of the Route of the Viewpoints of Jávea. The first of them is “Cala Blanca”, which is located at the back of the cove, at a low altitude.

Further on is the viewpoint “Caletes”, which can be climbed by stairs (quite dangerous) that start near the shore. It is safer and more advisable to access by the paved street “Camí Calablanca” (I recommend walking up as there is very little space for parking and the street is a one-way street).

How to get to Cala Blanca?

Cala Sardinera de Jávea
Cala Sardinera de Jávea / Xàbia

My advice is to walk from the Arenal area. You can follow this route on foot that passes through several viewpoints and that will also take you to Cala Sardinera or Cala Portitxol.

If you prefer to arrive by car, here is the location of the Cala Blanca parking lot, although I warn you that it tends to fill up very early.

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Buenas Prácticas

• Sigue siempre los senderos. Atajar daña el entorno.
• Respeta flora, fauna y entorno. Disfruta en Silencio.
• No dejes rastro de tu paso, tampoco restos orgánicos.
• Infórmate, Planifica y Equípate bien para disfrutar al máximo.
• Respeta el Patrimonio Cultural (ruinas, márgenes de piedra, etc).
• Respeta a otras personas y propiedades privadas.

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