CULLERA (Valencia): What to see and do, essential visits and plans


Are you planning a visit or getaway to Cullera? Then you can not miss this article where I tell you the best places to visit in this beautiful and touristic town on the shores of the Mediterranean and where the Júcar river flows.

Read on to discover its natural landscapes, hiking trails, and architecture, which reflects the interesting history of this municipality in the Valencian region of Ribera Baja.

Discover what to see and do in Cullera!

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Cullera Castle

Cullera Castle

Cullera Castle is located on one of the hills of the Muntanya les Raboses (or Cullera Mountain), about 100 meters high. It has a privileged view of the mouth of the Júcar river as well as the entire coastline of Cullera. On clear days, the silhouette of Montgó mountain can be clearly seen to the south, in the province of Alicante.

The castle dates back to the 9th century, from the Islamic period and follows the standards of the Muslim military architecture of the area. Although it has undergone several renovations or remodeling, it still retains the essence of its origins.

Inside is the Municipal Museum of History and Archaeology, which also contains various exhibitions on Cullera and the Castle. You can also enjoy cultural activities during the summer nights at the Castle such as evening shows, concerts and much more.

Cullera Walls

Torre de la Reina Mora - Photo ©

Near the old town of Cullera you can find the last vestiges of the old wall and its defensive towers, which served as protection and shelter to the city until the eighteenth century, when they were demolished to make way for the urban growth of the time.

Today, some of the defensive towers are preserved, which were restored in 2014, and are considered an Asset of Cultural Interest along with the Castle.

Santa Marta Chapel

The cultural heritage of Cullera includes a good number of hermitages of different periods and characteristics.

One of the most curious is the Ermita de Santa Marta: it was built in the fourteenth century and is located in a natural setting that enjoys enviable views of the surrounding area. Although today only the remains of the building are preserved, it is worth a visit for the beauty of the sea and mountain landscapes that can be seen from the path that leads to it. It is a good option for a short hiking route.

Cullera Lighthouse

Cullera Lighthouse

The Lighthouse of Cullera is one of the essential places to visit if you come to Cullera. Here you will find one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the country surrounded by an incredible Mediterranean landscape and you will be able to observe a large stretch of coastline, the coves that surround it.

Although the lighthouse itself cannot be visited for security reasons, from here you can enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets perfect for photos. It is also a great option if you are looking for long walks or hiking.

Beaches of Cullera

Beaches of Cullera (Valencia)

The municipality of Cullera has kilometers of beaches bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors’ favorites are the following:

  • San Antonio beach: it is a sandy beach very crowded in high season. It is the ideal place to enjoy water activities.
  • Playa El Faro: is a small sandy beach, not as crowded as the previous one, where you can enjoy the tranquility and totally transparent waters.
  • Playa de Los Olivos: it is a sandy beach that usually has little waves, which makes it ideal for families with children or elderly people. The seafront promenade that surrounds it, where there are plenty of good restaurants and hotels.
  • Playa El Dosel: this beach is well known by surf lovers. Given its nature with more waves than the previous beaches, it is perfect for surfing. It also has a rocky area ideal for diving and snorkeling lovers.

Cullera Market Gardens

The Municipal Market of Cullera, located in the Plaza de la Virgen, is ideal to appreciate its modernist architecture of Valencian ecclesiastical style. It is considered the center of activity in the area, a picturesque place where you can buy food products and enjoy cultural activities in the Auditorium or the Multipurpose Hall.

However, the surrounding Market Gardens are ideal for enjoying walks. There you can find and visit the air raid shelter that was built in the subway area.

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