La Vall de Gallinera, hiking trails in the "lost paradise" of Alicante

Nature, history, culture and "supernatural" phenomena inside the Marina Alta.

4 February 2020 by Fernando Prieto
Route of the 8 villages, Vall de Gallinera

La Vall de Gallinera is a little “lost paradise” inside the Marina Alta. A beautiful valley in the shape of a narrow corridor, nestled between the Sierras de la Foradà and l’Almirall . A small orchard, covered with cherry trees and endemic plants, which connects the heart of the Mountain of Alicante, the lands of El Comtat, with the coastal strip, at the height of Pego.

Because of its climate, its history, its nature… La Vall de Gallinera is a very special enclave; a magical place where, fortunately, time seems to have stopped. A place where, even today (knock on wood) people live at a leisurely pace, safe from the brutal real estate speculation on the coast.

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Penya Foradà route from Vall d'Alcalà

Route Index

High Difficulty

3️⃣ The Serra Foradà + Route 8 Villages (30 km)

4️⃣ The Serra del l’Almirall + 8 Villages (30 km, wikiloc)

5️⃣ The Valleys of the Marina Alta (62 km)

Keep reading to discover the routes!

The Valley of Gallinera

Before continuing, I encourage you to watch this video about the Vall de Gallinera: its towns, its culture, its history, its cherry trees…

Route 1

The Route of the 8 Towns, Vall de Gallinera

16 Km / +500m / Diff. Easy

The Route of the 8 Villages of Vall de Gallinera is a linear route 16 kilometers long. This tour connects the 8 small and picturesque villages of the valley, from Benirrama to Benissili.

Although the complete route is 16 kilometers (one way), we always have the option of doing only one section, according to our physical condition and the time we have available.

During most of the route, it is a very simple route that runs along paved paths, next to cherry trees and other fruit trees, linking the different villages of the valley and past a multitude of fountains and wash houses.

When to visit La Vall de Gallinera?

Cherry trees in bloom, the Vall de Gallinera, route of the 8 villages

March: Cherry Blossom

During the month of March , the cherry trees that are grown throughout the valley reach their flowering stage . It is then that Gallinera is dyed white, becoming even more beautiful than usual.

March and October: the Solar Alignment of la Foradà

Twice a year, in March and October, a natural phenomenon worthy of admiration takes place: the Penya Foradà Solar Alignment . On those dates, during its descending path, the Sun crosses the rock arch of Penya Foradà, illuminating the place where a Franciscan convent once stood. On these dates, the City Council of La Vall de Gallinera carries out a series of events.

Route 2

The Penya Foradà from Benissivà and Benitaia

8.2 Km / +550m / Diff. Half

From the towns of Benissivà and Beniatia, we ascend to the emblematic Penya Foradà , on a circular route with great landscape and heritage attractions.

The Solar Alignment of La Foradà

Solar Alignment in Vall de Gallinera

The emblematic Penya Foradà is the scene of a solar alignment , which occurs twice a year:

  • In March, the days close to March 9 (Santa Francisca).
  • In October, the days around October 4 (San Francisco de Asís).

Interestingly, the observation point of this alignment is located at the location of the old Franciscan convent (today only the fountain remains). In other words, the convent was built at the exact point that is illuminated by the sun’s rays that cross the Penya Foradà, on the days dedicated to its patron saint. If you want to know more, I recommend you visit the website of José Lull , rediscoverer of the alignment phenomenon.

Every year, the weekend closest to these dates, the Vall de Gallinera Town Hall organizes a series of events (hiking routes, local product fair…) and facilitates the observation of the line-up, which is why it is especially It is advisable to visit the Vall on those days.

Recommended Accommodations

If you travel to Vall de Gallinera to do one of its hiking trails, my advice is to take the opportunity to stay in one of the charming accommodations that you will find in the Vall , and soak up the quiet lifestyle that is breathed here.

I encourage you to spend a full weekend in the Vall de Gallinera, discover its 8 beautiful villages through a simple route and enjoy its rich gastronomy , its cultural attractions and its scenic beauty.

Recommended Accommodations

💚 Casa Rural El Castellot, en Alpatró

🔹 Hotel Rural El Secret de la Foradà, en Benissivà

🔹 El Capricho de la Portuguesa, en Benialí

Más Rutas cerca de Gallinera...

The Benicadell, Beniarrés and its reservoir - El Comtat (Alicante)

Ascent to Benicadell from Gaianes

The Sierra del Benicadell constitutes the natural border between the counties of El Comtat (Alicante) and the Vall d’Albaida (Valencia), therefore also forming the border between these two provinces of the Valencian Community. This mountainous formation is one of the

Good practices
Respect other people and private property.
Respect flora, fauna and environment. Enjoy in Silence.
Always follow the trails. Tackling damages the environment.
Respect the Cultural Heritage (ruins, stone margins, etc).
Do not leave a trace of your passage, nor organic remains.
Find out, Plan and Equip yourself well to enjoy to the fullest.
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