Benitatxell Cliffs Route; in search of Cala Llebeig


The Route of the Cliffs or Penya-Segats is a surprising path at the foot of the impressive rocky walls that shape the coastline of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell , in the Marina Alta region of Alicante.

This simple round-trip hiking route leads us from the touristic and well-known Cala del Moraig ―in high season, with limited capacity due to Covid-19―, to the inaccessible and wild Cala Llebeig , one of the few “virgin” beaches in the province of Alicante. Along the way, we will enjoy some amazing views and some other surprises. Are you going to miss it? Let’s start!

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Route Summary

Cala Moraig from the path

Route of the Cliffs of Benitatxell . Linear route (round trip) of low difficulty, following the white and green markings of the local trail SL-CV 50. We walk from the Cala del Moraig parking lot to Cala Llebeig. It is a very simple route, without feeling of vertigo, that flattens along a “strip”, halfway up the cliffs.

The descent to Cala Llebeig is the most complicated section of the route, due to its rocky nature, but it will be equally easy for people with minimal hiking experience. After enjoying the visit to the cove, we return along the same path.

Data sheet


  • Mountain footwear . Although it is a simple route, I recommend mountain shoes to avoid injuries and accidents.
  • Watch out for the heat . In summer it can be very hot during the route. Bring enough water and sun protection.
  • Footwear for the bathroom. You will need it in Cala Llebeig.

Recommended Activity

Cala Llebeig, route of the cliffs of Benitatxell
Cala Llebeig

Recommended Accommodation

Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp Benitatxell Glamping

Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp

Very close to the beginning of this route, we find a Glamping- type accommodation (that is, tents equipped with all the comforts). It is the Mediterranean Camp, of the Dreamsea chain. It offers Mediterranean food, water sports, yoga and accommodation with style and charm.

Description of the Route and Photographs

To start the route, we will look for the parking area that is just before the descent to Cala del Moraig . We will leave the car there. We go up the road on our right, looking towards the cove, until we find the beginning of the path, marked with indicators.

It took me about 2 hours to reach Cala Llebeig (twice as long as indicated). Of course, taking many photos and the consequent stops. Despite being in the month of October, the heat was important. If you plan to do this route in summer, be careful with the hours of more Sun.

The path guides us to the foot of the impressive cliffs that make up the coast of Benitatxell. Some of them reach or exceed a hundred meters in height, such as Morró Falquí , located north of Cala Moraig.

Route of the cliffs of Benitatxell

Along the route, we find different caves. These are very rudimentary constructions that were formerly used by the fishermen and farmers of Benitatxell, as well as the smugglers, habitual in these lands. The views are impressive, similar to those found on the Travesía de la Serra Gelada .

Route of the cliffs of Benitatxell

Little by little, bend after bend, we are approaching Cala del Llebeig . Finally, it appears before us. Perhaps not as big or as beautiful as Moraig, but certainly much more virgin and authentic.

It reminded me a lot of one of the coves in Mallorca that I used to go to with my parents when I was little. It is hard to believe that there are still corners in Alicante with this beauty. Let’s hope it lasts like this for many years, although unfortunately the harassment of urbanizations endangers this marvelous cove. By the way, I couldn’t resist it and took a bath.

In Cala Llebeig we find several “fishermen’s houses” and the “Caseta dels Carabiners”. As I have already mentioned, smugglers were common in this place, hence the presence of a permanent surveillance post in the cove.

Continuing the route through the Barranc de la Viuda

From Cala del Llebeig, we have the option of continuing the route through the Barranc de la Viuda . It is a radical change of landscape. We enter a shady and humid area. It is hard to believe that a few hundred meters away we have the sea, because it seems rather that we are in the mountainous heart of Alicante.

If we enter the Barranc de la Viuda following the marks of the SL-CV 50, we have to take into account that the difficulty is somewhat greater , as we find small climbs that we have to overcome with the help of our hands.

Ravine of the Widow Benitatxell
Widow’s Ravine

In the Barranc de la Viuda we find abundant, leafy and varied vegetation. The path ends in a residential area, close to Moraira. It is time to return, and we retrace our steps to Cala del Llebeig, and from there to Moraig.

To put the finishing touch to this fantastic day of hiking and nature, nothing better than going down to Cala del Moraig to enjoy the sunset.

We take the opportunity to walk the small geological path that leads us to the Moraig Falla .

Moraig Fault - Benitatxell
Moraig Fault

I hope you have enjoyed the Benitatxell Cliffs Route as much as I have! See you next time!

Track for GPS

Although the route is signposted and it is very easy to follow, here is the track for GPS via wikiloc.

Do not miss...
Good practices
Respect other people and private property.
Respect flora, fauna and environment. Enjoy in Silence.
Always follow the trails. Tackling damages the environment.
Respect the Cultural Heritage (ruins, stone margins, etc).
Do not leave a trace of your passage, nor organic remains.
Find out, Plan and Equip yourself well to enjoy to the fullest.

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