21 Things to see and do in Guardamar del Segura

The best plans and places to visit (in one, two or more days).

Qué ver en Guardamar del Segura
Qué ver en Guardamar del Segura

Located in the south of the province of Alicante, Guardamar del Segura owes its surname to the mouth of the river that, after crossing the entire region of the Vega Baja, flows two kilometers north of the town.

Guardamar is popularly known as a sun and beach destination and no wonder: it has 11 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches.

However, my challenge with this article is to show you that Guardamar has much more to offer… Wanna bet that I’ll get it? Let’s play!

Best things to do and see in Guardamar

Castillo de Guardamar del Segura
Castillo de Guardamar del Segura

1. Start with a guided tour

If this is your first time in Guardamar, you will like to discover the main attractions of the town through a pleasant and interesting two-hour guided tour. One of the best rated in the province!

2. Dunes and Pinada

Guardamar, dunes and pine forest
Guardamar, dunes and pine forest

The history of Guardamar is linked to that of its Pinada, which was the one that managed to save the population from being swallowed by the advance of the dunes. Between 1900 and 1930, 800 hectares were reforested with pine trees and other plant species, thus slowing the advance of the sand. La Pinada is also known as Alfonso XIII Park: a recreational area where you can enjoy nature while practicing sports or simply strolling.

Nursery and Forest House

The “Vivero Viejo” (Old Nursery), which dates back to 1901, is preserved inside La Pinada. This is where the plantations of stone pines, cypresses and other trees were planted. Next to the nursery is the Casa del Forestal, the person in charge of watching over La Pinada.

4. Caliphate Rabita

On your walk through La Pinada, take the opportunity to visit the archaeological site of the Rábita Califal, a monastery from the Islamic period. Next to the Rábita is La Fonteta, another even older site: nothing more and nothing less than an ancient Phoenician port city (currently not open to visitors due to restoration work).

What to see in Guardamar - Archaeological Museum
Lady of Guardamar – Photo: guardamarturismo.com

5. Archaeological Museum

Did you know that in 1987 the Dama de Guardamar was found in a site near the town? This is one of the many surprises that the cultural heritage of Guardamar has in store for you, undoubtedly one of the most interesting places to visit. The entrance to the MAG – Archaeological Museum of Guardamar costs only 1 €. Of course, if you want to see the original of his Lady you will have to go to the MARQ in Alicante city.

6. Mouth of the Segura River

At the end of the Pinada y las Dunas you will reach the mouth of the Segura River, a key point in the history of Guardamar: think that the dunes and its 11 kilometers of beaches were formed thanks to the sediments transported by the river over millennia.

You can stroll around the marina at the mouth of the river and recharge your batteries at the Club Nautico Restaurant. You can also practice water sports, such as windsurfing, or rent a boat. And if you like fishing, this is a good place to practice it.

7. Fish Auction

Monday to Friday, at 10:00 am. In the morning, the auction of fresh fish is held at the fish market of Guardamar, located in the marina and fishing port of the Gola del Segura (the mouth of the Segura). Besides being the star product of the population, it is an indissoluble part of its history and traditions.

8. Naturist beach of Tossals

Located north of the mouth of the Segura, this naturist beach is almost 2 kilometers long and borders La Marina, a small hamlet of Elche. Access to Els Tossals is from the N-332 and you can park here.

9. Iron Bridge

On the way back to the village, it is worth visiting the Pont de Ferro (Iron Bridge), which was inaugurated in 1929 and over which the N-332 used to run. Here is the location. Near the bridge, take the opportunity to visit the Monumento Homenaje a la Aviación Española (location), as well as the Compuertas y Canal de la Compañía de Riegos de Levante (location).

10. Babylon Beach

On your way back to the city center, I recommend you to pass by Babilonia Beach and learn about its sad history. This beach has been suffering a terrible regression for years and the old houses on the shore are doomed to be devoured by the sea if something is not done to remedy it. Next to the beach you will find several restaurants where you can taste the traditional fresh fish and seafood of Guardamar.

11. Queen Sofia Park

Climb from Platja de Babilònia to the Reina Sofia Park, where you can find everything from peacocks to squirrels, as well as ponds with aquatic fauna connected by bridges and wooden walkways. If you come with children it is a must visit.

12. Engineer Mira House Museum

This museum, very close to the Town Hall, is dedicated to Francisco Mira, the person who directed the repopulation works in La Pinada (1900-1930). Visit the website for more info.

Guardamar cultural heritage brochure

13. Guardamar Castle

One of the most interesting visits of the town. It is located on top of the hill that formerly occupied the walled citadel. The earthquakes of 1829 destroyed most of it, after which a new urban center was planned: the Guardamar we know today. It is worth booking the guided tour I told you about in the first point.

14. Playa del Campo / Moncayo

Located south of the town, it is my favorite of Guardamar, being the one that retains a more natural state, with the original dunes . Access is via a picturesque wooden walkway to avoid damaging the vegetation that grows on the sand, as well as the endangered fauna that nests among it. The access is made from here.

15. Tower of the Americans

Did you know that the tallest structure in the Iberian Peninsula is located in Guardamar? Measuring 375 meters high, it is a metal tower for military use built in 1962 for the purpose of transmitting radio signals to submarines operating in the region, based in Cartagena. I recommend this hiking route in the Moncayo, a hill of rounded shapes with beautiful views where this huge structure is located. A very interesting route through the trenches of the Civil War that you will be able to observe.

16. Guardamar Country Market

If you like flea markets with vintage aroma, you are in luck. This is held every Sunday and you can find a little bit of everything, from antiques to garden products, including some food stalls. Location.

17. Birdwatching

If you love bird watching, Guardamar is an ideal base camp. And the fact is that very close by you have
three natural parks
ideal for it: Las Salinas de Santa Pola, El Hondo and the Lagunas de La Mata – Torrevieja. In addition, you can also watch waterfowl in the Gola del Segura. Birdwatching brochure.

18. Nyora and Llagostí Gastronomic Week

The ñora and the shrimp are two of the star products of Guardamar. A gastronomic week is held around them during the month of June. Since 2005, the best restaurants in town offer a special menu that must include these ingredients. Here more info.

Excursions near Guardamar

Isla de Nueva Tabarca

Santa Pola and Tabarca

Having them so close, it would be a crime not to take advantage of at least one day to visit Santa Pola and from there make an excursion to the island of Nueva Tabarca, the only inhabited island in the Valencian Community.

20. La Mata

La Mata is a town belonging to Torrevieja. A small quiet town with spectacular beaches. Also there you can (and should) visit the interpretation center of the Natural Park and make this route through the Lagunas de La Mata and Torrevieja, simple and beautiful, ideal to enjoy at sunset.

21. Torrevieja

As with Guardamar, Torrevieja is usually known as a sun and beach destination, but it has much more to offer. Visit the article with the best plans in Torrevieja and discover them.

Did I win?

At the beginning of the article, I was issuing a challenge… If you think I’m over it, you might be interested in this.

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